Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hi and welcome to my Fitness and Freedom website!  This website is dedicated to my mission of helping as many people as possible find the satisfaction of eating clean and getting fit that I've found, as well as sharing the most amazing career opportunity I've ever seen. As a fitness and nutrition coach, I'm here to serve you, to offer you support and encouragement on your journey to being healthier.  I do this through online accountability groups, challenge groups, tips, etc., and I'm also going to have occasional giveaways and contests!

I recently started this exciting adventure of coaching others, and in the process, it has helped me tremendously to stick to my own goals.  I hope you'll visit this site often and come to think of it as your source for nutrition, fitness and a healthy life style.

Here's to success!  Success in a healthier lifestyle, success financially, and success in whatever it is you're trying to achieve!